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Pink Plum Blossom Floral Oil Painting

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24.6 x 17.3 x 3.4 inches 21 x 4.9 x 29 inches
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Weight : 4 pounds AND 7.85 pounds
Craft : 100% handmade with frame

(Floral)Item NO:FCP-281

1. Introduction Of Pink Plum Blossom Floral Oil Painting

The theme of the whole work is plum blossom, it is an imposing landscape canvas which was created through combining the artistic methods of traditional Chinese painting and the characteristics of western painting. The most attractive part is the strong trunk on the left side, which main color are dark red and brown, it not only has a bending shape and seems vigorous, also the portray of details is extremely realistic,with the strong fire cloud of the background, it made the entire picture hide a tense atmosphere, just like the storm is coming, and only this lonely plum blossom stands in it. On the details of the plum blossom, the author used a splash-ink artistic method to drip the pigments on the canvas instead of realism technique, the plum blossom swayed in the wind and formed a contrast with the strong trunk. In China, the plum blossom also named the five, it means that the five petals stand for happiness, well-being, longevity, smooth going and peace. Through such a portrayal, the author expressed his praise and respect of the plum blossom's strong, noble quality, hoping he could learn from the plum blossom and use the spirit of plum blossom to inspire his art creation.

2. Parameter(Specification)Of Pink Plum Blossom Floral Oil Painting





Product type


canvas,wood Frame

White, Gray Jiu Red Purple, Gray-brown, Gray-blue, Black, Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange, Gray.

16x24inchesx3 AND 20x28inchesx3

Use waterproof sunfast canvas material and certified eco-friendly paint

Hand-painted gallery-wrapped canvas art



3. Application Of Pink Plum Blossom Floral Oil Painting

A perfect wall decoration for living room and bed room.For wedding, anniversary, thanksgiving, Christmas, mother's Day, father's Day, valentine, birthday and others.

4. Details Of Pink Plum Blossom Floral Oil Painting

1).ARTLAND Hand Painted 'Pink Plum Blossom' 3-piece Gallery-wrapped Canvas Wall Art Set

2).Dimensions: 16 x24 Inches x 3 pcs AND 20 x28 Inches x 3 pcs

3).Stretcher: Inner Stretcher Sticked With Black Felt,Hook Easy to Hang Directly

5. Return Policies

You can return our items purchased at ARTLAND for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

6. FAQ Of Pink Plum Blossom Floral Oil Painting

Q: Is it possible to get this made without the red? I am afraid that it looks too much like blood?

A: Thanks for your question. About this painting.The colors are true,This red will not be horrible, if less red, the whole painting will change the feeling .

Q: When can I get the price of customized painting?
A: Within 24 hours.If urgent, please call us directly.

Q: How can I order a different size?

A: Hey Edwin. I don't think you can?! I would like to have it bigger but didn't find it. Mark that the painting is NOT as metallic as shown in the picture. It actually quite matte! And it's small! Hope that i was to any help!

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