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Framed Wall Art Colorful City Painting

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13 x 4.4 x 25 inches 16.9 x 4.8 x 32.2 inches
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Weight : 3.45 pounds and 5.75 pounds
Craft : 100% handmade with frame

(Cityscape)Item NO:FCP-034

1. Introduction Of Framed Wall Art Colorful City Painting

This is a painting of urban landscape.In the picture, primary colors not only divide the screen into three parts perfectly, but also show the uninterrupted different light of seasons and days.In order to connect the two separated parts, the author also used the green and orange to make the screen more harmonious but not abrupt.In shaping, the author also used large strokes to make an obvious segmentation of relationship between the front and the back,what’s more, he used some thick paint coverage to create a texture effect.In the center of the picture, the color is more complex and rich, white dots have a striking contrast with shadow scene and depict the crowds and the bustling streets of the city.The authors dealt with the upper and lower portions of the screen cleverly. The behind scene combined with white and pale purple, which make the scattered feeling of construction more obvious and enhance the sense of three-dimensional, several cures run through in the lower part of the whole picture are very imposing and broke a sense of monotony. The painting also expresses that the author is full of passion for the life in a big city and longing for the future.

2. Parameter(Specification)Of Framed Wall Art Colorful City Painting




Image  dimensions

Product  type


canvas,wood  Frame

Brown Water  Color With Black and White Background, Blue, Gray, Blue, Purple, Gray, Green,  Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Light Yellow, Black, Black Lines.

12x24 inches x3 And 16x32 inches x3

24 inches high  x 36 inches wide x 1.0 inches deep And 32 inches high x 48 inches wide x 1.0  inches deep

Hand-painted  gallery-wrapped canvas art



3. Application Of Framed Wall Art Colorful City Painting

A perfect wall decoration for living room and bed room.A great gift idea for your relatives and friends.

4. Details Of Framed Wall Art Colorful City Painting

1).Feature:Modern 100% Hand Painted Framed Wall Art "Colorful City" 3-Piece Gallery-Wrapped Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas

2).Dimensions: 12x24 inches x3 And 16x32 inches x3

3).Stretcher: Inner Stretcher Sticked With Black Felt,Hook Easy to Hang Directly

5. Return Policies

You can return our items purchased at ARTLAND for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

6. FAQ Of Framed Wall Art Colorful City Painting

Q: Is the colors painted on really thick? To give it dimension?

A: Not real thick, but I can tell you that everyone that comes into my home says its one of the prettiest pictures they have ever seen. The colors are really nice and bold and it does have dimension. Hope this helps! 

Q: Subject says size is 24"x36", description says size is 12"x24"... what are the actual dimensions of product for sale?

A: Each panel is 12" wide and 24" height. Panels installed next to each other will give a picture that is 36" wide. Colors are the same as the picture. 

Q: What are the dimensions of this item?

A: There are three panels , Each panel size is 12x24inches 

The total size is ''24 inches high x 36 inches wide x 1.0 inches deep" 

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