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Dream Factory Abstract Canvas Wall Art

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25 x 4 x 25.5 inches 30.3 x 30.3 x 4.3 inches
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Weight : 7.7 pounds,8.3 pounds
Craft : 100% handmade with frame

(Abstract)Item NO:FCP-286

1. Introduction Of Dream Factory Abstract Canvas Wall Art

This fantastic painting is 100% hand-painted oil painting provided by ARTLAND.

This "dream factory" is a purely abstract style of painting, in the picture, the use of color is very characteristic, after romancing layers, the authors used several techniques such as scraping, rubbing to show a series of texture effect, let the picture looks very thick and distinct sense of layers.This piece of abstract painting also completely broke the limitations that the art originally emphasized realistic reproduction of the theme, through combining the basic elements abstractly and creating a abstract form, it expressed a new development of art. Overall, the author also tried to express an inner idea through this painting, this is a scene which he saw in the dream, but he could not remember it clearly when he woke up, so that the author created the painting through some imagination and also intended to convey a state of mind of himself.

2. Parameter(Specification)Of Dream Factory Abstract Canvas Wall Art





Product type


canvas,wood Frame

White, Gray-blue, Gray-green Blue, Gray-green, Red Earth, Brown, Orange, Yellow.

24x24inchesx1 12x24inchesx2,30x30inchesx1 15x30inchesx2

use waterproof sunfast canvas material and certified eco-friendly paint

Hand-painted gallery-wrapped canvas art



3. Application Of Dream Factory Abstract Canvas Wall Art

The unique modern canvas wall art will enliven any room and redefine your living style.Oil paintings from this category are also a great idea for a gift for your relatives and friends.framed on the back,ready to hang.

4. Details Of Dream Factory Abstract Canvas Wall Art

1).Features:ARTLAND Hand Painted 'Dream Factory' 3-piece Gallery-wrapped Abstract Canvas Wall Art Set

2).Dimensions:24x24inchesx1 12x24inchesx2,30x30inchesx1 15x30inchesx2

3).Stretcher: Inner Stretcher Sticked With Black Felt,Hook Easy to Hang Directly

5. Return Policies:

You can return our items purchased at ARTLAND for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

6. FAQ Of Dream Factory Abstract Canvas Wall Art

Q: How can i order a different size?

A: There is no other sizes that I am aware of. It however is just large enough to cover wall side to side the width of a Queen Bed .

Q: What are the measurements?

A: All in the description .

Not sure it wasn't larger enough for the wall I purchased it for but I hung it on another wall which was perfect. 

Q: Are they heavy?

A: No they are really small and a composition notebook weights more than them.

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