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What Do Abstract Paintings Mean

- Feb 19 2019 -

AbstractPainting refers to a twentieth century style of painting that departs from the "imitation of nature" and includes multiple schools rather than the name of a particular school. Representative writers include Mondrian, Kandinsky and others.


"Abstract" is the relative concept of "concrete", which is to extract the common points of various things and synthesize them into a new concept. This concept is called "abstract".



abstract art  is the formation of a long-term continuous evolution. But whatever its school, its common characteristic is to try to break the traditional idea that painting must imitate nature. After the 1930s and the second world war, various forms derived from abstract ideas became the most popular and distinctive art style in the 20th century. Abstract painting takes intuition and imagination as the starting point of creation, rejects any symbolic, literary and illustrative expressive techniques, and only synthesizes and organizes shapes and colors in the picture. Therefore, the pure shape and color presented by abstract painting is similar to music. The abstract wall art trend of abstract painting, can be divided into: (1) geometric abstract (or cold abstract). This is based on Cezanne's theory, through cubism, constructivism, neomorphism... And developed it. It is characterized by a tendency towards geometry. The school could be represented by Mondrian. (2) lyricism (abstract), or heat (abstract). This is based on gauguin's artistic concept, developed by brutalism and expressionism, with romantic tendency. This school can be represented by Kandinsky (Kandinsky).


The beauty of oil abstract art for sale is mainly the beauty of color, and the key to the beauty of color is to see how to master and apply colors. Color plays an important role in the form. Abstract oil painting has gradually become the mainstream of western painting since the first abstract oil painting appeared in the 1920s. In terms of expressing emotions, color plays a more important role in abstract oil painting. The composition of oil painting language is nothing but two basic factors, shape and color. Compared with other paintings, oil painting has the characteristics of bright color, wide color range and strong expressive force. For oil painting, color plays a very prominent role in the form. The expressive force of oil painting mainly depends on the visual effect of the overall tone of the picture. Accordingly, tonal processing is the key place that canvas colour handles. The success or failure of an oil painting depends largely on the artist's tonal treatment of the painting. The function of tonal in abstract canvas art is more outstanding. The processing of oil painting hue changes with the progress of oil painting techniques, scientific progress and the change of people's appreciation habits. Classical oil painting is almost the same color of brown tone, since the beginning of impressionism, the discovery of the law of conditional color, make the picture color rich and colorful. Of oil painting tonal harmonic have adjacent color about harmonic, onefold color harmonic, of contrast color harmonic. The use of a single tone and tone of the picture looks very unified. Abstract painting tonal processing, knowledge is very deep, to be more in-depth research, oil painting art development now, the change of artistic concept, scientific progress, will bring greater freedom to oil painting color processing. This blue lake abstract painting is the best gift for you who love abstract painting.