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What Is Landscape Painting?

- Nov 26 2018 -

Forest Mist Tree Oil Painting

Landscape oil paintings are based on natural scenery and painting with oil painting materials. They are called landscape oil paintings and can be divided into: natural landscape oil paintings, tree oil painting , blue sky and white oil paintings, sunrise and sunset oil paintings, and streetscape oil paintings.

Early paintings did not have this independent category. Landscape paintings only appeared in the form of backgrounds or foils in some figure paintings. Until the 16th century after the Renaissance, landscape oil painting appeared as an independent painting genre in the European art world and was greatly developed.

Landscape oil paintings can be divided into categories: realistic landscape, impression landscape oil painting, abstract landscape oil painting, classical landscape oil painting, modern landscape oil painting, European and American landscape oil painting, Russian landscape oil painting, Dutch landscape oil painting, Mediterranean landscape oil painting, Thomas landscape oil painting, forest landscape Oil paintings, high-altitude landscape oil paintings, character landscape oil paintings, pastoral scenery oil paintings, Guilin landscape oil paintings, white birch forest landscape oil paintings and other places of interest and historical painters have also been painted.