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What Are The Characteristics Of Paintings?

- Nov 22 2018 -

Silence Gallery-wrapped Abstract Oil Painting

The classical oil painting is the result of the comprehensive use of factors such as paint  language as a whole, R. Kangping’s three-leaf festival

The altar painting "Training by the Fetus" meticulously presents all the scenes inside and outside. Titian of Italy is the first painter to pay special attention to the color expression of oil paintings. He paints on the dark background, and often uses bright colors with close brightness and slightly different colors to form a magnificent golden color, multiple overlapping of transparent pigments. The thick and thin brushwork combines the color with the body to create a textured effect.

Since the 18th century, the art of oil on canvas has also undergone earth-shaking and devastating changes under the influence of various factors such as society, culture and science and technology. More genres, more thoughts, richer creations, deeper and more influential theories, stimulating, deconstructing, rebelling, fighting for glory and blossoming. Chinese oil paintings first appeared in the sputum apparatus. According to Zhou Li and Han Shu, China has used the history of “oil” painting more than 2,000 years ago. The usual saying is that after Ricci took the god and the Madonna to China in 1581, he began Chinese oil paintings. One of the works of "Mu Meiren", although it lasted for five hundred years, still faintly shows the simplicity of the style.