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Can Oil Paintings Be Hung Outside?

- Nov 20 2018 -

Color Forest Abstract Oil Painting

For those who love abstract oil painting , it is a relatively important issue to place decorative oil paintings at home. First of all, the selected oil painting and home decoration style can not be too different, and secondly, it should be coordinated with the function of the room. For example, today's young people like modern abstract oil paintings that are full of personality and can express their own fashion elements.

        In fact, the general home is suitable for decorative abstract painting, wall painting should choose modern paintings, European style wallpaper should also choose oil painting, you can choose frame or frameless oil painting. So, in the new home, how do we decorate our new home with decorative oil paintings? Let's take a look at the following oil painting decoration techniques!

Tip 1:

Abstract oil painting enhances the sense of space

        In the past, many domestic households did not pay attention to oil painting, and felt that it was a superfluous painting. Even if some families put oil paintings, the content of paintings would choose flowers and fish. However, as people's aesthetic tastes improve, they must also conform to the overall interior decoration style when selecting oil paintings. At the moment, more and more people like simple and bright modern decoration style.

       Abstract painting has always been regarded as an incomprehensible art, but it can play a role in the modern decoration style of the family. Although many people don't understand the content of the painting, they know that the painting is good-looking, which is enough for ordinary families. Modern style homes are equipped with simple abstract paintings that can enhance space.

 Tip 2:

The first point of sight is the best position

       The first drop point of looking into the door is the place where you should put the oil painting, so that you don't feel that the wall at home is very empty, the line of sight is not good, and it can also produce freshness.

Tip three:

Staircase oil painting can be irregular

        If your house has stairs and the wall space facing the stairs is large, you can ask professionals to draw oil directly on the wall. This method is very creative and can be designed according to your own ideas. In addition, if the area is not large, you can place irregular oil paintings along the shape of the stairs at the corner of the stairs. This effect is also very good.