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The History Of Oil Painting

- Jul 16 2018 - Paintings are not as good as western oil paintings, and their expressive power is not rich enough. Part of the work is to use oil painting materials to express the content and modeling characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. The picture often appears dry and stagnant, and it is not easy to preserve for a long time.

In the 20~40 years, Beiping School of art, the Art Department of Centre College, Hangzhou art college, Shanghai art college, Suzhou Academy of fine arts, Wuchang art college, and other colleges and universities have trained a batch of oil painting talents. Liu Haisu, Lin Fengmian and Xu Beihong are oil painting artists who have great influence on education. Their works represent the higher level at that time.
Many painters, represented by Xu Beihong, insist on the theme of real life content, depict specific subject matter, focus on rigorous shape and realistic color. The theme of the works is closely related to the social and historical background of the time, and forms a strong social and educational significance. Some painters, represented by Lin Fengmian and Liu Haisu, focus on various styles of school after European Impressionism, mainly through the rich colors and free strokes of the subjective feelings of the scenery, the artistic form of the picture is stronger, more fluent and relaxed. In 40s, some of the oil painters studying abroad returned to the Dunhuang Grottoes to study ancient Chinese art and draw works that absorbed the shape and color characteristics of national paintings.

After the establishment of People's Republic of China, Chinese oil painting has been popularized. In the late 50s, oil painting teaching and creation were influenced by new foreign influences, mainly using the Russian Soviet oil painting mode. In the basic operation, the characteristics of oil painting techniques are: pay attention to the depiction of the effect under a major light source, with the passage of light and shade, that is, the drawing relationship as the leading factor of the modeling. Color performance is the color between objects caused by the color effect of the environment, the general use of multi-layer painting, to maintain the transparency of the dark and bright color overlapping layer, more broad and obvious strokes, the formation of physical turning and texture of the body.

The creation of Chinese oil painting mainly follows the artistic principles reflecting the real social life. On the basis of observing life, the creation material is collected by the method of sketching, forming a clear theme of the artistic conception, reflecting the artistic theme by creating a certain instantaneous state of the life situation, emphasizing the plot and Literature of the content. Generally speaking, the picture has a realistic sense of focus, and highlights the main body with the use of light and shade, and the tendency of tonal formation forms the artistic conception of the picture and sets off the theme. Many works with real life and modern historical facts as material, in the 50s and the first half of 60s, reflected the general social awareness, oil painting techniques are becoming increasingly rich, and become a lively form of painting in the Chinese painting world. In the late 60s, the Chinese oil painting was conceptualized from the narrow art way, and the content was single. More works became the illustration of the political slogans at that time, and the features of the oil painting were almost completely lost.

After 1979, Chinese oil painting gradually developed, changed the situation of absorbing a single oil painting pattern in the past, and fully absorbed the styles and schools of the West from the classical to the modern. Artists pay more attention to the aesthetic function of oil painting, pay attention to the diversification and individuation of the form language of oil painting, and form the initial prosperity of Chinese oil painting. The outstanding style of oil painting is the technique of absorbing French classical oil painting. It is strict and rich in artistic generalization. The delicate color change and multi-level color make up a harmonious tone. The atmosphere is elegant and the artistic conception is fresh. Some draw lessons from American photographic realism, and use very fine brushwork to describe the image of rational structure. More artists pursue emotional expression of art, use oil painting materials flexibly and create personalized artistic works.
The rich expressive force of oil painting is more and more significant in its development. It is an important artistic language in the world to communicate human emotion.