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What Are The Requirements Of Oil Painting?

- Jul 16 2018 - Realistic landscape oil painting as a pluralistic yuan, its own artistic mission and artistic charm after many trials and hardships, still does not diminished its elegant demeanor. It pays more attention to the expression of painting language, and makes full use of the carrier of oil painting to care for life and the relationship between people and society. Painting emphasizes the protruding of the self.
Realistic landscape oil painting hand painted wall, first of all, there must be a strong hand painted wall foundation, but also have certain knowledge and mastery of materials.
1. draft, usually first very fine graphics, and then start the production of pictures.
2. coloring, the color is brighter and brighter than expected.
3. shine. We can use toning oil. We use toning oil when we go to school. The paint will not suck up so that the pigment is put on it.
Realistic landscape oil painting has absorbed many kinds of materials, and the effect of the picture is obviously better than other paintings. In short, realistic landscape oil painting has an irresistible charm, has an irreplaceable function, to show users endless scenery.