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The Difference Between Digital Oil Painting And Hand-painted Oil Painting

- Jul 16 2018 - Digital oil painting, also known as digital painting and coding oil painting, is a special process to process paintings into lines and numbers. The painter can fill in the corresponding color with the number in the color-filling area marked with the number. product. She is popular in Europe, America, Japan and Korea. It combines leisure, decoration, gift and learning. It enables people who have no basis for painting to draw an amazing work of art and enjoy the endless painting process. pleasure.
Digital oil paintings are similar to cross stitches. They need to be manually operated according to the original pattern. The cost is extremely low. Although they can also be used as home decoration paintings, their decorative value is not high, only the time cost is required, and then patience can be completed. There is almost no need for superb skills and techniques. Generally, if it is matched with the home decoration environment, the strong contrast is formed. Imagine that the wall is thick and precious mahogany furniture. There is an extremely cheap digital oil painting on the wall. I don’t know what you feel after seeing it? More often, digital painting is used as a pastime for everyone to spend boring time; or digital painting for children of all ages.

Hand-painted oil painting is a work of art that is tasteful, has status and identity, and digital oil painting is about DIY. Digital oil painting is also called "digital oil painting" or "coding oil painting". What is embodied and what is completely different.

From the whole material, the canvas paint of hand-painted oil paintings is the best. The paintings can be saved for a long time, and the digital paintings use ordinary or poor materials. The storage time is short and it is difficult to save. .
Hand-painted oil painting is a kind of real art, and there are works of value-added and value-added. The original works of some contracted painters on the website of Qiao have certain collection value. The digital oil painting belongs to the commodity, the product of the industrial era, without any value-added value.
The process of creating a hand-painted oil painting is drawn by the painter or by hand. The picture is more layered, more vivid, and has its own creation and thought, which is unique. The digital oil painting divides the color block from the machine and fills the color. A person without any basis for painting can be completed without uniqueness.

The digital oil painting uses a computer to divide the canvas of the oil painting into several color blocks, and then fills the color according to the color of the table on the canvas, which is equivalent to the small square on the cross stitch and the contrast of the wired colors on the pattern. You can use the needle to put the thread of different colors into it. The pure hand-painted oil painting is different. It is a creation on a blank canvas. It is drawn on the photo or the material provided. The artist draws on the canvas from the hand-drawing of the drawing to the complex content of the painting. The process, each painting takes time and effort, is the result of a total of gambling, each process used can be reflected in the content of the picture.