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Decoration Oil Painting Daily Maintenance Skills

- Jul 16 2018 - In modern homes, it is becoming more and more common to decorate the wall with decorative hand-painted oil paintings. If the oil decoration hand painting is properly preserved, it can keep the color unchanged for hundreds of years. On the contrary, the color layer may crack, fall off and change color. In the process of collecting and decorating hand-painted oil paintings, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The place where the artwork is displayed is the key. Always hang the painting in a stable environment, because the temperature and humidity changes too much to cause the canvas to expand and contract. The room where the hand-painted oil paintings are decorated should be ventilated and damp-proof. If a certain temperature and humidity are maintained, it is necessary to leave the bathroom and the kitchen. Pay attention to dust, smoke, and mold. The damp painting should be dried slowly, avoid exposure, or the oil will fall off easily.
2, ultraviolet light is very destructive to oil paint, it will cause fading and discoloration, to avoid long-term direct sunlight.
3. If the picture is hung on the wall of the house, the cork should be placed between the two corners of the frame and the wall to prevent the work from being damaged by cold and moisture. In order to prevent the humid air from invading the canvas and causing damage to the entire hand-painted oil painting, one or two layers of natural beeswax dissolved in turpentine can be thinly coated on the back of the canvas.
4. Seal the back of the painting with wooden boards to prevent the invasion of sand and insects.
5, the dirty at home will cause damage to the painting, keeping it clean is the basic work of maintaining the collection.
6. Keep away from the spray, insecticide and cigarette smoke, all of which will damage the painting. Do not use detergents, sponges or vacuum cleaners to access paintings or frames. To remove dust, use a light black pen.
7, the most often caused by the damage of paintings, most of the time when transporting and moving. For works that are too large or particularly expensive, please consider looking for a professional to ship. If you decide to come by yourself, check for loose parts or signs of damage before you start. Make sure the frame is secure. When moving, the front of the painting must face itself. At the same time, pay attention to your hands, the dirt and grease of your fingertips may stain the paintings and pigments.
8. If you store the artwork, remember to stay away from windows, radiators, water pipes and boilers. It can be wrapped in plastic cloth and placed in a wooden box to prevent damage. When painting a hand-painted oil painting, use a paper tube of four or five inches or more, the canvas is rushed, the picture is punched out, followed by a paper roll, and then wrapped with a plastic cloth to prevent cracking of the pigment. It is forbidden to affix the picture of two hand-painted oil paintings. Once the temperature rises, the picture will stick easily, causing the oil color to fall off and the picture to be damaged.
9, decoration hand-painted oil painting if dusted, can be gently wiped off with a slightly damp clean cotton cloth. If there is soot, use a light soapy water to scrub gently, then immediately use a dry cotton cloth to suck the water away and blow it dry with an electric fan. Older cracked decorative hand-painted oil paintings must be used with less water and partially dry. If you have the conditions, you can buy glazing oil for the decoration of hand-painted oil paintings. Before spraying, you should first clean the screen with a clean cloth. You can also ask the auction house or gallery professionals to help with cleaning and maintenance.