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Oil Painting Art Freehand Spirit

- Jul 16 2018 -

In the late 1990s, with the full opening of reform and opening up, the cultural and artistic exchanges between China and the West became more and more in-depth. Under the influence of many factions of Western modern oil painting art, the performance of Chinese oil painting in the spirit of freehand brushwork is more of Western oil painting. The expressions of factions are similar to those of Chinese freehand oil paintings, such as Western expression techniques, the emergence of new expression techniques in Germany, and many Western oil painting factions. 

Therefore, the spirit of Chinese oil painting is particularly prominent compared to contemporary Western oil painting art factions. . The role of Chinese traditional philosophy in Chinese freehand oil paintings During the Xihe Mdu period, ancient and intelligently recorded time and things with simple stick figures. Therefore, the history of Chinese paintings has a long history, but because of the continuous innovation of Chinese paintings, Chinese painting art The system has a long history, exuding a charming aroma and full of charm.